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24 Hour Emergency Service

We provide a full 24 Hour a day, 365 days a year response service throughout the UK

We contain, clean up and safely remove spillages of chemicals, oils or other environmentally harmful or potentially dangerous substances. Our management and operational team are experienced in the handling of a wide range of hazardous and contaminated materials and will use this expertise to minimise the damage resulting from an accident or failure in plant or procedures. We will even provide an assessment of the impact of the spill or leakage on the local environment, wildlife, resources or infrastructure.

We have a range of specialised plant and equipment which can contain spills on land or water, including tankers, marine transport suitable for lakes, canals or rivers, high pressure washing equipment, personal protection systems and fume containment enclosures.

The company’s service begins with a site visit and assessment of the current status of the spillage. This is followed by a comprehensive damage assessment and containment strategy in addition to proposals for a clean-up and disposal solution. Full documentation is provided to detail the actions taken, including timescale, personnel and equipment involved.