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Solvent Treatment

We provide two routes for industrial “waste” streams; recovery for customers’ re-use and/or recovery for re-use by other Industrial users.

Our highly trained sales team at our Leyland Office handles all enquiries. They firstly confirm whether we can dispose/ recover of a customer’s oils and solvents – if we cannot we will happily suggest an alternative.

We will process the enquiry and establish whether the material is to be recovered for re-use by the customer or for re-use by a new user. At the same time we will advise as to how the waste would be collected safely, legally transported to our site and which consignment notes would be issued. We can provide consignment notes and explain who should be notified and what information should be kept. We also supply packaging labels and transport advice to assist in meeting the Carriage of Dangerous Goods regulations.

Solvent Treatment

Large consignments of contaminated solvents and oils for re-use are offered a total quality and segregated batch recovery service by Mulberry Waste. The contaminated wastes are, in most cases, collected by one of our own vehicles (all drivers are Hazpack and ADR trained). They are then allocated recycling time in our recovery process.

The material is recovered following our Quality system. The recycled product is tested to both our own and the customers specification and then returned, either in drums or by road tanker.

The Mulberry commitment ensures the care and responsibility the Company takes in handling all waste from the producer to the final disposal/ recovery option selected.

Smaller consignments (typically 1 to 10 drums) for recovery are offered a recovery service too. The solvents are batched into minimum 30 tonne lots. They then follow the same system as for large consignments. Once recovered they must meet the same standards – Then they are approved for dispatch and return on the next order. This is a “closed-loop” service.